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Why Should I Steam Clean My Car?

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

Have you ever had your car steam cleaned? Did you know steam cleaning can kill 99.99% of germs and bacteria? A Steam Cleaner is one of the most powerful tools to disinfect your vehicle with. Not only does it disinfect, using steam has numerous other benefits as well. From disinfecting your vehicle to even protecting your dog from fleas, I will explain to you the vast range of benefits to steam cleaning your car!

Kill Germs, Bacteria & Viruses

Now more than ever, human beings across the globe are hyper focused on keeping their homes disinfected and clean. But what about your vehicle? You cannot forget about the vessel that transfers you to and from your desired locations! If you are not careful, your vehicle could become a breeding ground for pathogens that you may have picked up during your travels. Fortunately, this is where steam cleaning can be of great assistance.

As I mentioned above, steam cleaning can kill up to 99.99% of germs and bacteria, like E. Coli and Salmonella, but it is also an effective method in eliminating viruses as well. This is all because the high pressure and high temperature of the steam kill these harmful pathogens. It is such an effective tool to clean with, that it is even used in medical laboratories on occasion. In some medical labs, doctor's will use steam to sterilize their medical equipment before use. If steam is used in medical laboratories, just imagine how well it would work disinfecting your car!

Avoid Using Harsh Chemicals

Have you ever cleaned your vehicle with "harmless" chemicals that caused a toxic smell to linger for days? Unfortunately this does happen and can become a very frustrating problem, especially when that smell just won't go away, causing one headache after another. On top of that, some of the chemicals we use to clean our interior's with can actually leave a thin layer of biofilm behind that is dangerous to humans and animals!

Thankfully, steam cleaning is a fantastic alternative to using some of these harsh chemicals. A steam cleaner only uses water that is heated and pressurized to clean and disinfect surfaces. This will spare you from using any of those caustic chemicals that you want to avoid ingesting.

Eradicate Pet Odor

We all love our furry friends! And we especially love taking them for rides around town. But sometimes our pets odor can buildup and become a bit overpowering in our vehicles. Worst of all, you may still smell your furry friend in your car when they aren't even riding with you anymore! But have no fear, your pet did not ruin your vehicles pristine scent.

One of the most effective ways to get stinky pet odor out is with a steam cleaning treatment.

Hot vapor molecules get deep into your carpet fibers and upholstery, cleaning and neutralizing pet odors that most other cleaning methods will not be able to achieve. On top of that, when you steam clean your car it can actually help keep your pets healthier and happier because steam also eliminates fleas, flea eggs and even their larva from your car!

Eliminate Allergens

Allergies are no fun, and if you're like me, you want to avoid coming into contact with your triggers at all costs. But did you know that many allergens are in your car and can remain there for quite some time? For example, dust mites can be blown into your car from the wind and end up in some of the most difficult places to clean. Dust mites tend to collect in hard to reach areas with no air flow, and even worse, they stay there until you get rid of them!

Luckily the dry steam from a steam cleaner is perfect for taking out allergens like dust mites, killing not only the dust mites but also their eggs too. A regular routine steam cleaning every couple of months is recommended to prevent more allergens from building up in the future.


So as you can see a steam cleaner is an amazing tool to use inside of your vehicle. It can solve countless problems and help not only you but whoever else might also be catching a ride with you! So next time you start having a sneeze attack in your car, ask yourself, is it time for a steam cleaning treatment?

Thanks for reading!! Please share with all of your friends!

- Frankie, Eco Edge Auto Detailing

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