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Why Should I Wax My Car?

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

A common question that I'm always asked is "why does my vehicle need to be waxed?". Well there are a handful of answers I could give on such an important question, but I came up with my 4 essential reasons on why you should wax your car! Starting with....

1. Protect Your Vehicle From The Sun

The sun can be brutal on your car's paint, just look at this Honda Accord. It has clearly been neglected and was not properly waxed through it's lifetime on the road. And as a result the clear coat has faded away, giving it that "salty" look on it's hood paint. This can easily be avoided if you car is properly waxed. Waxing your car will help protect your paint from fading, discoloring, oxidation, peeling

and ultimately the sun!.

2. Fend Off Water Spots

Have you ever noticed those pesky water spots on your vehicle after a rainy day? Well unfortunately that is due to rain droplets evaporating on your paint, leaving many different contaminates behind. But when your vehicle has a layer of wax on it, it forces the water to bead up and roll off of your vehicle's paint. Resulting in substantially less water spots on your vehicle between washes!

3. Maintain a High Gloss Finish On Your Vehicle

You ever wonder why that one car you always see is so shiny? It is because their car is always waxed! If you want to keep your vehicle looking immaculate and on point then it is crucial to always keep it waxed! Waxing your car gives it a high gloss, mirror like finish that your car does not have when the paint is bare of wax.

4. Easier to Wash

When your vehicle is properly waxed, it makes the washing process considerably easier. For example, tree sap can be one of the hardest contaminates to get off the surface of a vehicle's paint. But when your vehicle is waxed, tree sap can be removed with little to no problem. Keeping your vehicle waxed will save you so much time cleaning your vehicle!

Fortunately there are many brands of wax on the market that do a phenomenal job protecting your vehicle's paint! From your typical paste wax all the way to a superior sealant, you have many options to choose from when it comes to protecting your paint. And now that you know why your car should be waxed, the only question left is which brand of wax should you use! Good luck!

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